Unspoken Boundaries/Tai Chi-Qi Gong @ Mar de Jade

An Experiential Workshop


  • Have energy for your own life at the end of the week
  • Stop people from draining your energy
  • Set clear boundaries in all parts of your life: family, friends, and relationships
  • Have daily rituals that nourish and protect you

Free 90 minute massage and energy healing session with Rami for the first 10 people who register for the retreat.

DATES: December 8 – 15th


  • Merle James Yost, LMFT
  • Rami Kouhana, CMT

The Retreat

Come to this beautiful jungle get away to dive into the world of personal boundaries and how to take better care of your body and spirit.

7 Nights

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The Workshop

Unspoken Boundaries is an experiential workshop. The object is to assist the participants in becoming aware of their energetic boundaries with other people and to learn energy hygiene to keep their boundaries clean and healthy.  

Through numerous exercises over the five days and lots of question and answers, it will change your perception of boundaries with other people.  Everyone has been infected by another’s bad mood, rage or negative energy. While we sometimes notice the big stuff, most people miss the smaller thing that can have a significant impact. This workshop will increase your awareness of this negative energy transfer and what to do about it.

Part of the focus of the workshop is to confront the reasons that keep us from holding good boundaries with people. Through the exercises, beliefs and old ways of being will come to the surface so they can be addressed and even resolved. It is a powerful healing experience with an active spiritual component.

Tai Chi/Qi Gong

Through daily instruction and practice of Tai Chi and Qi Gong participants will learn to understand and feel the natural, healthy structure of their bodies and life-nourishing energy. This more balanced and relaxed state physically, energetically and with enhanced body mind sensitivity and subtle awareness will assist you in maintaining solid boundaries, have more attunement and better management of your energy.

Retreat Schedule

There will be Tai Chi offered every day, starting with the evening of the first day and then early morning the rest of the days.

The Unspoken Boundaries Workshop is a series of experiential exercises. Thus, depending upon the size of the group and how it processes, the timing will vary. It will be 3-5 afternoons, and possibly an evening as well. The first exercise of the workshop is the foundation of the entire course, and it is essential that people have the chance to experience it and integrate the material. The workshop will be Sunday through Thursday.

Unspoken Boundaries_Tai Chi-Qi Gongo-Dec-8-2018-1200.png
 Experience the beautiful beaches

Experience the beautiful beaches

 walk the peaceful nature trails

walk the peaceful nature trails

Teachers Bio’s


Merle Yost is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Santa Barbara, CA. He has 28 years of experience and is a graduate of John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, CA with a Masters in Counseling Psychology with a Transpersonal Specialization. Merle is also a graduate of the Gestalt Institute of San Francisco, and an EMDRIA EMDR Approved Consultant. After 25 years of private practice and six books, Merle shifted his focus to writing and teaching. His latest book is: Facing the Truth of Your Life.

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Rami Kouhana is a Certified Massage Therapist focused on the dynamics of body, mind, energy, and relationships. He practices and teaches Tai Chi and Qi Gong as a way of personal healing, exploration, and development. Rami uses healing techniques and teaches self-healing techniques which are sensitive to and cooperative with our natural organic energetic experiences such as Tai Chi, CranioSacral Therapy and Osteopathy and various forms of meditation and breath work.

Both teachers are available for private sessions. Contact them directly about arranging those. Private sessions are not included in the cost of the retreat.

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Both teachers are available for private sessions. Contact them directly about arranging those. Private sessions are not included in the cost of the retreat.


The Experience Of A Lifetime

Room Options

All of Mar de Jade’s rooms are unique and offer different styles, views and characteristics. Rooms fall into the following categories:

  • Ocean Rooms have an unobstructed Ocean view and a balcony or terrace. Most of the rooms have bathtubs, and some have a separate shower. All of them have futons and some have a separate sleeping space (appropriate for children). Most are on third and fourth floors and require steps to climb.
  • Garden Rooms have a view of our lush tropical gardens and a terrace or outside sitting area. They are all on ground floor, some have a few steps and some have ramp access. All have bathtubs; some also have a separate shower and a futon.
  • Guest Rooms are more basic, without an outdoor area and most face the jungle or gardens. They do have a/c and most have showers.
  • Dorms are Guest Rooms with a Loft to be shared between 4 people of same gender. 
    • Dorms are a guaranteed rate, but Mar de Jade reserves the right to assign roommates from different retreats in order to fill it or to re-assign participants to a guest room single or double if it doesn't fill. The dorms do not have A/C.

Room Notes

  • All the rooms have AC except for the dorms
  • We recommend the Ocean & Garden Rooms for anyone seeking a spacious and comfortable room with a decor of elegant simplicity. Guest Rooms are a great choice for anyone on a budget who doesn’t need a lot of frills because they’ll be all day at the beach and doing yoga ;)
  • The 3rd guest (if you choose to book with 3 people) in the Ocean and Garden rooms will have a futon to sleep on.
  • If you are looking for someone to share with, you should contact Merle who is creating a list to connect people who want to share a room. However, you MUST do this BEFORE registering and WAIT to register until AFTER you are partnered with someone else. We will not coordinate registrations to join together after they are purchased.

Registration Rates per person (usd):

    Early Registration Rate:
    Register by Oct 1st, 2018

    Ocean Room:

    • 1 Person private room: $2,650
    • 2 People shared room: $4,100 ($2,050 per person)
    • 3 People shared room: $5,450 ($1,816.67 per person)

    Garden Room:

    • 1 Person private room: $2,500
    • 2 People shared room: $3,900 ($1,950 per person)
    • 3 People shared room: $5,250 (1,750 per person)

    Guest Room:

    • 1 Person private room: $2,250
    • 2 People shared room: $3,500 ($1,750 per person)


    • $1,550.00 Per Person (women only)

    Standard Registration Rate:
    Register After Oct 1st, 2018

    Ocean Room:

    • 1 Person private room: $2,850
    • 2 People shared room: $4,500 ($2,250 per person)
    • 3 People shared room: $6,050 ($2,016.67 per person)

    Garden Room:

    • 1 Person private room: $2,700
    • 2 People shared room: $4,300 ($2,150 per person)
    • 3 People shared room: $5,850 ($1,950 per person)

    Guest Room:

    • 1 Person private room: $2,450
    • 2 Peopleshared room: $3,900 ($1,950 per person)


    • $1,750.00 Per Person (women only)

    Registration Includes:

    • 7 Nights Accommodation
    • 3 Delicious Buffet Meals per day
    • Coffee, Tea & Fruit all day
    • Use of All Resort Facilities
    • Resort Staff Gratuities

    Registration Does NOT Include:

    • Airfare
    • Transportation To / From the Airport
    • Excursions & Resort Activities
    • Spa Treatments
    • Bar Drinks
    • Gratuities for any of these extra services

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    I was privileged to experience Merle’s latest workshop intensive and enjoyed both immediate and profound effects.

    Merle has a gift for ‘conscious and emotional intuition’ which allows him to see those things that we refuse to see buried inside of us.

    I had been caring an ‘emotional block’ inside my inner child for over 57 years regarding issues around boundaries with women and authority figures in my life. Within two days Merle allowed me to see my challenge and help me learn how to feel the boundaries of this block and learn to not only self-correct myself, but to also learn to stand in my power with confidence by using the word No and No More.

    I am already experiencing the effects of reclaiming my space, my power, and defining where I stop and others energetic field begins.

    I highly encourage anyone facing emotional, psychological,Spiritual, or karmic blocks to consider a ‘lovingly powerful way out’ through Merle’s workshop intensive.
    — HP – Carpinteria, CA
    The boundaries workshop was nothing short of transformative for me. The exercises Merle facilitated gave me a very clear experience of what my own energy is and how I experience it in relationship to others. Merle has a particular gift of being highly attuned and perceptive during the exercises, which was so validating and brought a deeper knowledge and trust in myself.

    I now have newfound clarity around how I can relate to others in a way where I feel more safe and protected and don’t take on their energy. I also came away from the workshop with a much keener awareness of the sensations and feelings in my body, and a deeper experience of my spirituality. I highly recommend his workshop!
    — M. Joergensen
    Merle Yost’s skillful and sensitive teaching provides important, and usually neglected, information about boundaries. Over time, I have realized that helping clients (and myself) actually understand boundaries is the most basic element of our work in therapy. I particularly liked Merle’s experiential focus. We learn instantly when we experience something, in our own bodies, in the moment. His Gestalt approach was integrated into my own work with clients the very next day. Colleagues who have taken the course have been 100% glad they did, including myself.
    — Marilyn J. Owen, LMFT Santa Barbara, CA

    Merle Yost, LMFT