"Relationship Energy Management: Energy Boundaries For A Better Life"

  • Have energy for your own life at the end of the week
  • Stop people from draining your energy
  • Set strong boundaries in all parts of your life: family, friends, and relationships

Learn to:

  • Avoid merging and keep people from merging with you
  • Experience compassion and empathy without absorbing the pain
  • Be aware of boundary crossing, and correct it right away

Classes will use meditation, visualization and body awareness techniques to help you gain skills for taking better care of yourself.

Free introduction Class

Date/Time: Sunday, March 25th, 10 AM
Length: 30 Minutes

Online classes:

Six weeks; one hour a week
Lecture, discussion and practice exercises
$120 for the series

TWO different series to choose from:
(All Times Pacific Standard Time)

Wednesdays @ 8:30 PM (starting April 4th)
Sundays @ 11:30 AM (starting April 8th)


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Relationship Energy Management

Workshop: Energy Boundaries For A Better Life

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Introduction to Relationship Energy Management:

Each of us has a field of energy around us. Some people’s energy feels good to us, and some feels bad. When we connect with people, we can actually take on some of their energy. While this can might be good, it can also leave us feeling bad, or intruded upon.

Indirectly, people acknowledge these energetic boundaries. They will say, “that person gave me the creeps,” or  “I feel like that person’s bad mood or anger ended up inside of me, and I don't know what to do with it or how to get rid of it.”  We are not taught about how these energy fields work, how to take care of ourselves or how to deal with them on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. 

Family, friends, spouses, and kids, can have a major impact on us as well. Family members are often the most difficult to keep energy boundaries with, because we don't want to think we shouldn’t have about having boundaries with them, but they are really necessary for both them and us, to stay healthy.

Relationship Energy Management is about those energetic boundaries. Each of us has been profoundly impacted by someone's energy before. Some of us, because of our extreme sensitively sensitivity, can find ourselves constantly, exhausted and overwhelmed by other people's energy. 

What do you do when you feel infected by someone else bad energy?
Do you notice aches or pains that occur only around certain people?
What do you do when you feel your personal space has been invaded?
How do you create space for you to breathe?
How do you remove that person from “your space”? 

What do you do with negative or angry thoughts aimed at you? 

This class will teach you about these ever-present energy relationships. It will assist you in understanding how they work, how to protect and appropriately set energetic boundaries and how to repair intrusions and assaults. 

The sessions will consist of brief lecture, exercises, and visualizations. Each class will build on the other, and you will be encouraged to bring back your experiences from the prior week's class and report successes and struggles.  

Some of the terminology in of the class will be spiritual. It will mostly be taught in Buddhist terms. However, the same principles apply, no matter what your spiritual orientation. 

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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Merle Yost, LMFT