Because You Care

Length: 29:00
Type: Detailed Lecture
Description: As a partner or family member of a man who was sexually abused as a child, you know that he is hurting and damaged in ways you don't understand, but you can still feel the impact.

Loving and caring for someone who is hurting so much can be almost as painful for you. Not really understanding the cause, not really understanding what to do, and most of all, not really understanding what your role should in helping them, if you can at all. 

There are many sources of sexual abuse, but none is as invisible as a female perpetrator. Understanding the damage done to boys that are exposed to sex before they are really ready takes them out of the category of “lucky” and properly shows how they were actually victimized. Straight boys sexually abused by females can be the most difficult to treat and have the most difficult recovery. 

Knowing the limits, knowing how to take care of yourself is key to surviving a relationship impacted by sexual abuse.

This video will make sense of the pain and help you learn how to take care of yourself.

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