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Additional Past Press:

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Coastal View: Don't "Fake It Till You Make It" - [PDF] (Jan 30, 2018)

Newsweek Why Some Men Grow Breasts - [PDF] (Nov 8, 2007)

USN&WR: Boys Who Grow Breasts: What They Can Do (Sep 19, 2007)

USN&WR: He Carried a Burden on His Chest (Sep 19, 2007)

Kansas City Star: Males Are Turning To Reduction Surgery (Jul 30, 2007)

Times Online Life & Style: How I got rid of my 'moobs' (Feb 5, 2007)

Star Tribune: Hormone imbalances and medications... (Oct 10, 2006) - [PDF]

Contra Costa Times: The Metamorphosis (Sep 25, 2006) - [PDF]

National Geographic News interviews Merle Yost (Aug 11, 2006)

Now Magazine: My breasts made my life hell (Oct 13, 2004) - [PDF]

LA Times: When men's chests cause shame (Dec 8, 2003)

MSN Sympatico: Teen boys struggling with gynecomastia (Nov 6, 2003) [PDF]

Details Magazine: Are Your Breasts Bigger Than Hers? [cover] [PDF]

National Post: Interview with Merle Yost (2002) [PDF]

Oakland Tribune (May 2005) [PDF]


Past Video Interviews:

Gynecomastia - Merle Yost

Australian TV documentary clip about gynecomastia and Merle Yost's experience with his second surgery.

My Boob's and Me

A segment on gynecomastia featuring Merle.

TV News Clip on Breast Reduction

North CarolinaTV news clip about gynecomastia and breast reduction surgery, interviewing Merle Yost of See

When Love Lasts Forever Interview

Merle discusses his acclaimed book When Love Lasts Forever, available on Amazon here >