Intensives Inside Of California

Below is a video and description of intensives inside of California.

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Intensives Inside Of California


Five Days, Two Hours a Day: For Serious Change

This is an opportunity to take a deep dive into a difficult personal issue, to either move forward substantially from being stuck, or to resolve it. 

Five days of one-on-one interaction using a wide range of techniques and exercises totally focused on supporting you while you face and process that issue that has evaded resolution. 

In person in the Santa Barbara Area or at your location; the only requirement is your willingness to show up and fully participate. A wide range of tools is available to assist and support you in moving through and forward. 

This condensed therapy is appropriate for people who are already in therapy, as an adjunct, or for someone who is simply ready to face their pain and find another way of being in the world. 

I am offering the full range of my skills to assist in healing. 

Merle Yost, Author, Psychotherapist, Coach
Author of Facing the Truth of Your Life (2018)
Gestalt Therapist
Approved Consultant EMDR


(In the Santa Barbara, California area)

$3,000 for a total of five consecutive, 2 hour, days (10 hours total)

This can be submitted to your Mental Health Insurance if you have an out of network benefit.