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Press Release for Facing the Truth of Your Life [PDF]

Journalists: With child sexual abuse in the news all too often, I offer my expert comments on this and related topics.

I am available for comments and being interviewed. 

Other topics,

Energetic Boundaries
Men Sexually Abused as Children
Emotionally Incested Boys
Victim Identity Disorder
Heterosexually Married, Bi and Gay Men
Eroticized Shame
Multiple Types of Shame, Money, Race, Body, STD, etc

Please contact me at (510) 627-0090 or with the form below. If you do not reach me, you may use the comments below provided you attribute them to Merle Yost, LMFT; omit no words from sentences; and leave me a voicemail or email with your name, publication name and how I may contact you.

Quotable Comments from Merle Yost, LMFT, [PDF]

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