Now You Know

Length: 20:00
Type:  Detailed lecture
Description: This video is for men that have recently tested positive for HSV (herpes simplex virus), or genital or oral herpes. The emotional impact can be devastating. This video helps to make sense of it and provides perspectives to begin the healing process and take away the shame. 


You are listening to this video because you have recently had a first outbreak or have tested positive for HSV I and or II. 

Suddenly, you see yourself differently and probably not in a good light. 

You feel dirty, soiled, damaged, sinful, whorish, and most of all unlovable. You wonder if you will ever have sex again. You wonder how you might tell someone else about your herpes

You are sure no one else has it, at least no one you would want to have sex with. You are convinced your life as you know it is over. 

These are all normal feelings

The shock, the internal chaos, the overwhelming shame is a normal and common response to finding out you have herpes. 

The diagnosis is not the end of your life, it is certainly not the end of your sex life, but it is the end of some of your innocence.

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