UnHoly Union

Length: 29:00
Type:  Detailed lecture. Movie, book and TV show recommendations for follow up
Description: An in-depth look at the psychological impact of a mother loving a son too much, and the journey to separation and healing for the son.


When a mother loves her son too much it is an “unholy union”.

Mic Hunter, one of the great authors of books on sexually abused males, defines child abuse as:

Anytime an adult uses a child to meet the needs of the adult.

Overt sexual abuse like oral or genital sex is easy to see. It is not subtle, and we can see the cause and effect. 

Emotional incest is a type of covert abuse.

Emotional incest is more difficult to see, harder to quantify, and trickier to deal with. 

While emotional incest does not show up on most therapists’ radars, I believe it is the most common form of sexual abuse in our society today.

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