"Unspoken Boundaries: Energy Boundaries for Healing Professionals"

  • Have energy for your own life at the end of the week
  • Stop clients from draining your energy
  • Set strong boundaries in all parts of your life: family, friends, and relationships

Learn to:

  • Avoid merging and keep clients from merging with you
  • Experience compassion and empathy without absorbing the pain
  • Be aware of boundary crossing, and correct it right away


Free introduction Class

Date/Time: Sunday, March 25th, 10 AM
Length: 30 Minutes

Online classes:

Six weeks; one hour a week
Lecture, discussion and practice exercises
$120 for the series

Three different series to choose from:
(All Times Pacific Standard Time)

Wednesdays @ 11 AM (starting April 4th)
Wednesdays @ 7 PM (starting April 4th)
Sundays @ 10 AM (starting April 8th)

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Unspoken Boundaries

Workshop: Energy Boundaries for Healing Professionals

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Introduction to the Unspoken Boundaries:

How are your Energetic Boundaries with people?

Working as a healer can be exhausting. People in pain want us to know and feel all their pain, and they want us to make it all go away, now. All the therapeutic skills learned around assisting people don’t usually address the energetic part of interacting with people, especially the effect on you.

For example, a client may want to merge with you or wants you to merge with them, so they will feel safe or connected. Then there are clients that seem to spill their anger, sadness or a host of other energies on and into you.

It’s hard to come away from those exchanges and not notice the effects on us. Do you ever consider what is involved on an energetic level and how to deal with it?

Learning how to recognize and conceptualize the energy that each of us has inside and puts out into the world is the first step. We all need to learn how to manage our own energy and the energy that comes at us from a client, so that your boundaries are in place on all levels, so that they are effective at protecting you from the intentional and unintentional intrusions of others.

Unspoken Boundaries is a class for healers.  If you wish to refer people who are not healers there is Relationship Energy Management. It is a class for people that are not in a healing profession, but are interested in managing energy interaction in their daily lives.

Both classes will address energy boundaries, how to recognize and conceptualize them, firm up your boundary, and how to clean up violations that happen.

For more information, check out the webpage on each flyer. Classes start soon sign up today.


Please write if you have any questions. 

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Merle Yost, LMFT