Unspoken Boundaries

An Experiential Workshop

Clean Energy Boundaries for Healing Professionals

  • Have energy for your own life at the end of the week
  • Stop clients from draining your energy
  • Set clear boundaries in all parts of your life: family, friends, and relationships

Learn to:

  • Avoid merging and keep clients from merging with you
  • Experience compassion and empathy without absorbing the pain
  • Be aware of boundary crossing, and correct it in the moment


  • Limited to 6 -10 people 
  • 3 sessions. The first one will be 2-5 hours depending on the number of people in the class. The last two will be two-hour sessions

Santa Barbara Class ($200)

September 9th, 16th, 23rd

  • 1 PM start time

Oakland Class ($180)

  • October 28th, 1-6 PM
  • October 30th, 7-930 PM
  • November 2nd, 7-9 PM

Heart in Balance Counseling Center
6536 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

Retreat In Mexico

Mar de Jade is about 90 mins north of Puerto Vallarta Airport and it is an all inclusive resort in the jungle on the ocean. 

All classes:

The class will use meditation, visualization and body awareness methods to assist you in creating and keeping clear boundaries. There will be some spiritual material, but it is not religious.

If you want a class in your area:

Out of Santa Barbara, Out of State or Out of Country classes are available. The classes would consist of three sessions over one week. Contact for scheduling and pricing.

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Unspoken Boundaries Workshops
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I was privileged to experience Merle’s latest workshop intensive and enjoyed both immediate and profound effects.

Merle has a gift for ‘conscious and emotional intuition’ which allows him to see those things that we refuse to see buried inside of us.

I had been caring an ‘emotional block’ inside my inner child for over 57 years regarding issues around boundaries with women and authority figures in my life. Within two days Merle allowed me to see my challenge and help me learn how to feel the boundaries of this block and learn to not only self-correct myself, but to also learn to stand in my power with confidence by using the word No and No More.

I am already experiencing the effects of reclaiming my space, my power, and defining where I stop and others energetic field begins.

I highly encourage anyone facing emotional, psychological,Spiritual, or karmic blocks to consider a ‘lovingly powerful way out’ through Merle’s workshop intensive.
— HP – Carpinteria, CA
The boundaries workshop was nothing short of transformative for me. The exercises Merle facilitated gave me a very clear experience of what my own energy is and how I experience it in relationship to others. Merle has a particular gift of being highly attuned and perceptive during the exercises, which was so validating and brought a deeper knowledge and trust in myself.

I now have newfound clarity around how I can relate to others in a way where I feel more safe and protected and don’t take on their energy. I also came away from the workshop with a much keener awareness of the sensations and feelings in my body, and a deeper experience of my spirituality. I highly recommend his workshop!
— M. Joergensen
Merle Yost’s skillful and sensitive teaching provides important, and usually neglected, information about boundaries. Over time, I have realized that helping clients (and myself) actually understand boundaries is the most basic element of our work in therapy. I particularly liked Merle’s experiential focus. We learn instantly when we experience something, in our own bodies, in the moment. His Gestalt approach was integrated into my own work with clients the very next day. Colleagues who have taken the course have been 100% glad they did, including myself.
— Marilyn J. Owen, LMFT Santa Barbara, CA

Merle Yost, LMFT