Videos on male sexual abuse

A Chorus Line


Deliverance – Male on male rape

Happiness – Medical doctor pedophile and lots of other sick characters

JoJo Dancer, Your Life is Calling


License To Kill – Documentary on men who have killed gay men. One of the justifications given was that the killer was raped as a child.

Little Boy Blue – Mother and father incest. Violent, somewhat graphic

Midnight Cowboy

Murmur of the Heart

My Life as a Dog

Mysterious Skin – One of the two best films on the subject. Read a review I wrote on the film for EastBay Voice.

Rambling Rose – Young boy and young woman

Salo – Very intense with S&M, rape and psychological torture. Not for the squeamish

Sleepers – Sexual assault by guards in a juvenile detention center & revenge by the now-grown-up children years later

Spanking the Monkey – Mother/son incest

Summer of ’42

The Boys of St. Vincent – Very powerful, shows both the short and long-term impact of sexual abuse.

The Hanging Garden – Combination of things including the use of food to distance feelings and child sexual abuse by parents by use of a prostitute

The Perks of Being a Wall Flower – Female perpetrator


Welcome Home Bobby

Your Friends and Neighbors – Male on male rape in high school description