Explore your own story with Merle: develop insights, find directions and suggestions for your healing path. This is not psychotherapy, but a one or two session opportunity to explore new paths for yourself. There may be some techniques and language from psychotherapy as part of the sessions.

Merle is also available to psychotherapist for consultation with them on their clients.

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Conversations with Merle

CWM is a group activity. Merle will read a selection from the book or give a talk on a topic, followed by a facilitated conversation. He will dialogue with the members of the group and do pieces of work individually or with part or all of the group as the situation requires. 

This is an opportunity to have extended direct contact and experience a healing environment. These groups typically last 90 minutes to two hours. Longer themed events can be planned.


Merle is available for key note and small group speeches with limited dialogue with the group. 

Possible topics:

Men Sexually Abused as Children
Emotionally Incested Boys
Victim Identity Disorder
Heterosexually Married, Bi and Gay Men
Eroticized Shame
Multiple Types of Shame, Money, Race, Body, STD, etc

Book Signings

Facing the Truth of Your Life book events are available individually or preferably in conjunction with other events.