So You Want to be a Therapist

The recent video has been getting a lot of feedback, especially from therapists and a few who are seriously considering the profession. It was a labor of love. I talk to so many that have no real idea what is involved and the sacrifices that are required to do this work. To do it right, is a long journey and for most a painful journey at that. 

We all go into the field with the best of intensions but in some form it is about healing ourselves as much as others. It is best to have a better understanding about what it is and is not. Can be rewarding but often is not and there is so much work from both a business and personal front. 

I hope you check it out. We have changed video providers so that the videos can either be rented for 48 hours or bought outright. 

My videos are dense so more than one viewing is usually necessary to get the full meat of it.