Weak Gods

When I hear about people being killed or threats to kill them by people enraged that they had insulted their God, I am amazed they would worship such a weak God. An enitity that created all of this is incapable of taking care of himself? He needs us lowly humans to defend and hold people accountable for their disrespect or disbelief? How can that be true?

Of course it is not true. Any entity that is capable of creating everything can handle people that don’t like him, her or it. Also, isn’t that what the final judgement is supposed to be about? Meeting your maker and getting their judgement?

What I think it is really about, is the believer themselves. These people have no internal or a very fragile, internal sense of who they are. Meaning when they close their eyes, there is no one there inside. They are empty. So they fill that space with drugs, alcohol, food, music, and there are endless distractions from that emptiness. Using religion, or ones interpretation of religion is a very old stand by and is socially acceptable in mixed company.

So if a person uses their religion to organize their internal sense of being, then anything that threatens that organization threatens them. "Your attack my religion it is an attack on me." They have no way of separating the two parts.

We let them get by with this by-pass (avoidance of the lack of self) because we are not really willing to call people out on their nonsense because it can be dangerous. These are sick people, hiding behind religion because they have no real sense of themselves. That makes them dangerous on many levels. Just to be clear here, I am talking about all religions. This is not just the east or the west issue, it permeates all cultures and is a disease that feels like it is consuming our progress and rational thinking. Not all religious leaders are narcissistic, but there are plenty of them.

So the next time you see or hear someone doing something stupid or violent in defense of their GOD, just know, they are in a lot of pain.